Friday, May 18, 2007

Finding window bargains

Sometimes you just don't need to be too picky about what size or type of window to put in a wall. Since this is a timber frame, there is loads of unobligated space.

I wanted a sturdy window that would be too small for bears or vandals. It needed to open and to have a screen. Otherwise? show me what you've got. This window didn't have to match the others in the cabin because it would be off by itself.

Many millwork shops have "bonepiles" of windows that are rejects because they turned out to be the wrong size, or someone changed his/her design or went bankrupt or something. Places like the local Pella store or the like have odd windows in dusty stacks somewhere.

This little jewel was special ordered in April 2005 and, judging from the amount of dust on it, had been stashed in a corner behind a bunch of other windows ever since.

I hate to think what I'd have paid for a red aluminum-clad crank out casement window with low e double glass but when I saw it, knew it was just what I wanted. I bargained with the guy and got it for cheap.


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