Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gnomes emerge from cave to help out

I was contemplating how I was going to drag the door and its frame into place by myself when I heard voices and quite literally, some gnome-like men emerged from the earth. They were wearing mud-encrusted overhauls that were cut off at the knee. One was wearing, this is true, what appeared to be rattlesnake tights underneath. The only other option was that he had actual rattlesnake scales on his legs. But I wasn't going to ask.

Well, hi. How youall doing? says I.

They were so nice and helped move the door and tie it up so it wouldn't bonk me on the head when I framed it in.
So Front Door is framed in. Little Red window installed. Yippee!

Homeward, I waved at The Devil Queen in Atkins. I hope they are doing ok.


John said...

The cabin is looking nice; how much more do you have to do before it's "finished"?

And, while I'm here, I'd live to wave back and mention that we are still among the living.

Tarr said...

John -

What would I do if I were finished? Sit around?

Barring the usual life-threatening illnesses, crime, bad people, money troubles, and vehicle breakdowns that dog my days, then just maybe I can have all the walls up, the loft installed, the door lockable, the tub bathable, the wood stove heating this year. But not finished.

The well digger actually tried to make it to tinycabin to do some well digging yesterday after a year of cajoling. But he's a timid soul and the rain put him off. Maybe next week. Talkin' sweet I'm on a losing streak.

KimS said...

The cabin's really taking shape. Funny, in this picture it looks smaller than I had perceived it to be.

Hey... is that door rounded on top? Very nice. Don't tell me you found that in a clearance bin somewhere!

I love how you didn't clear the woods away from the cabin-- so many people beat the woods back from their homes. Your cabin looks like a part of the forest. nice.

lara said...

Hey there! Hubby and I were just wondering if we've passed your place before. Are you off of Cave Mountain Road?

If you'd rather not say here you can email me!

We're loving your cabin and are exceedingly jealous of you & Tarr.