Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Several members of the Rodentia order have taken up residence in TinyCabin imparting a bad smell and rodent droppings of different sizes. They skitter around loudly at night, chew rudely and party with the rat poison I've left out. One white-footed mouse was found feets up but the size of most of the droppings makes me think I've got flying squirrels or woodrats.

Tarr is indifferent to these potential prey items and will not get out of bed to deal with them. Because the exterior walls are not completed yet (but soon!) I am lucky I don't have bears inside.

Earlier I bragged too soon about the wonders of Pex Plumbing. I don't love Pex anymore because when I actually turned the water on water spewed from many of the fittings. Pex doesn't bend as readily as I had envisioned - so I had to use quite a few brass fittings and these are expensive and introduce the real possibility of leaks and multiple trips to the plumbing supply store.

So I'm on my back on the floor under the sink trying to fix things, leak by leak, ickily aware that I was lying in a murky soup of water, dust, filth and rat feces. Then the faucet broke.

That did it.

After swabbing the cabin floor with ammonia, I went home and took a shower. Then I took a bath. No pictures. I was just too bummed.

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John said...

Plumbing is the devil.