Sunday, October 14, 2007

A compassionate diversion

Like it or not, Tarr has two new companions: two border collies that were on the Uhaul of Misery. Though still young, I think they have spent their whole lives in a cage. They don't know how to walk very well, doors terrify them and they seem baffled by having space to roam. Click on the second picture to see some weird stripy eyes.

One was skeletal and the other not so much - so I think one was eating the other's food. I am free feeding them so they both look rolly polly with bones on top.

First things first: good food, clean water, head pats and exercise. They are in ptsd or the dog equivalent.

UPDATE: These dogs are coming along great! Wonderful border collies.


Anonymous said...

Just give them lots and lots of love.
Wait until they settle in and you
get to see their true personalities.
It will be fun to watch them grow and learn
that they are in a safe place now. That
is when the mischief starts!! LOL

Julie in NJ

Ruth said...

Thank you for taking care of these two poor pups.

Tarr will be a good therapy dog for them!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy these two found a good foster. It broke my heart to hear about all those animals in such horrible conditions. If you are planning on adopting them out, I would like to stay updated on their progress, I just absolutely love Fynn, and would like to be considered for Fynn's forever home. You can contact me by email

Austin, TX

Tarr said...

Leah -
Fynn has very dramatic eyes.

I do plan to find them forever homes and will remember you. But first, health. Rose's fur looks like straw so they are getting Canidae.

They are getting kind of saucy and ran Tarr out of the shelter where he lolls in the afternoon.

This is good. Tarr can take it.

Anonymous said...

I know these people are great. They might answer questions.

Gina said...

they are adorable! I found this story on dogster and thrilled someone like you took them in.

I have 3 large males and write a blog too

and i am always searching for stories to write about and tell the world.

kudos to you!