Thursday, July 05, 2007

One plumbing part shy of a warm shower

Well pump installer has an interesting history as an aerospace engineer in the Air Force and is now installing pumps in wells in the wilds of the Boston Mountains (southern part of the Ozark Mountains). Click pictures to view.

Wellhead on left, pressure tank on right. It was thoughtful that they swapped out the well cap to match the blue of the well tank. Sundry pressure gizmos between the two.

Digger guy. Better him than me. I have learned to really dislike ditch digging in the heat. Once he covers up all the pipe, I get a road to the cabin as a free bonus. This means I no longer have to hike all my stuff in from the road. Good!

Since the electrician was already down in position to install the Steibel Eltron electric tankless water heater, Tarr takes advantage of the situation to sniff.

No matter. The tankless water heater worked great and I just showered under the pipe end that would have connected here if I'd a had the piece. The nearest plumbing supply store is over 2 hours away. This pvc plumbing is just temporary until I get a PEX system organized. The warm water out the pipe end was SHEER BLISS.
Photo: The economy outdoor shower is affixed to a cedar tree.

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