Thursday, June 28, 2007

The rainbow family gathering

For some reason, the Rainbow Family has decided to appear a few miles down the road. If all show up, then this will more than double the entire population of the county.

This has excited the local law enforcement officers (AKA LEOs) into a law enforcement frenzy. They are reportedly playing "What you gonna do, Bad Boys Bad Boys?" (the theme from Cops) in the morning outside the Rainbow Family campout.

LEOs. This is rude. Not that I want any of them (or anybody else) showing up unbidden at TinyCabin. But that is just not right.

Tuesday is a big day. The pump and tank guys will show up. And the electrician, too, if he can pry himself away from the more lucrative jobs involving setting up mobile command posts for the local, state and federal law dudes.

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