Thursday, May 03, 2007

Every backyard should have one.

Tiny Cabin is located across the old field from a large and, presumably, old cave, second or third largest in the state. Every year, on the first Saturday of June, I open the cave so that cavers and their groupies can crawl, scoot, walk, duck-walk, push their prone bodies along with their toes and otherwise locomotate themselves through miles of muddy passages.

If this sounds like fun to you, have at it. I kind of get off on their having to ask me for permission. I do wonder how they have gotten this kink of a hobby. I tried it once and was put off by stopping to think about the millions of tons of rocks that loomed overhead.

I have heard that there is a room that you could fit a 10 story building in. I have seen the waterfall room. I do know that kindergartners make good cavers.

This year may have a little extry special weirdness if we get a cave diver to come and dive into a looong wet passage at the entrance.

Progress on Tiny Cabin is happening in the stained glass window front. More on that later.

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