Sunday, June 07, 2009


Walking in the lower pasture, I found this young fawn lying motionless. Even when I bent down to its level, it didn't move. After a little while, it got uneasy and bleated once then ran off. I flushed an adult deer near that location later. That could be its mom. There is a tick above its eye.


1. hung a clothesline between two cedar trees.
2. bathed twice in the kiddee pool with warm water
3. sprayed lots of sweetgum trees and multiflora rose with "Remedy" herbicide
4. met with the NRCS people. Don't think I'll sign my farm up for the WHIP program (Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program). While it is true that the federal government will assist me with expenses, I am not sure that I want the pressure of their oversight. I need to think more about this.
5. went birding with Joe Neal, Lance and Leslie Peacock, Becky Wheeler and others to learn about nesting forest birds in the area. Learned so much my head aches.
6. Still don't have my chimney or bathtub installed.
7. I think that lining the exterior door will make it look better.

Fawn , originally uploaded by bouteloua.

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