Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pex Plumbing For Idiots

Pex Plumbing For Idiots, originally uploaded by bouteloua.

This is so simple that I think that plumbers have been keeping big (and expensive) secrets from us. Here you can see the water entering the cabin (at left from the floor) being routed through a big blue household water filter.

Next it splits off to provide either cold water or is sent through the electric tankless water heater (Steibel Eltron silver colored box) for hot water.

I had to have a special tool and have not completed all of the crimps at each juncture, but how hard can it be?

Yes, I did this myself. Most plumbing projects require multiple trips to the store for supplies and this took two. It is over 100 miles round trip through very very windy roads in the remote hills to get pex supplies and back.

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