Saturday, June 16, 2007

Giddy with the thought of water

One thing that is lots of no fun is the feeling of dried sweaty bug spray on one's skin. So the thought of having a bath (installed eventually) perks me right up.
But not Tarr. Baths are a torment to Tarr.

Investigations into well pumps have yielded the following:
1. The good old country girls at work say to get an electric pump.
2. The cost of wiring to get to the pump would be prohibitive and digging a trench to bury it reminds me of the misery involved in trenching in the electric line.
3. I don't need that much water.
4. I've found only 4 makers of hand pumps (that can pump from 55 feet): Bison, Oasis, Simple Pump, and Baker Monitor. Of these, only Oasis at $279 plus shipping costs less than $1000.
5. I don't know if this can be used with a pressure tank. More research to follow.

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