Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DIY Stained Glass

It is hard to imagine the colors here: ruby red in the upper center, emerald green leaves, brown twining stems, amber border and dried bloodsmears on the bottom of the sheet of paper from an inept glass cutter. I expect it will look better once it is all done. This will go in the upper gable of Tiny Cabin.

I designed it and the guy at the stained glass place printed it out on a piece of paper. Then I spent a fortune on tools, broke a lot of glass learning how to cut with a glass cutter. This kind of focussed work requires sweating with your tongue stuck out. Maybe some light grunting. For those of you DIYers who may want to try this, those complex curves are more difficult to cut than are straight or single curve cuts.

Today I finished cutting all the pieces of glass and then ground the edges smooth with a diamond wheel.

Tarr gets to come next time because every time I turned around there was a different beagle underfoot. We hope there is not a dog fight in the glass shop.

Poor Tarr had a scary epileptic seizure last Saturday. This is his second, so I guess we have that to look forward to. He was just sniffing some Rounduptm Weed Killer and then suddenly he couldn't control any of his legs. I scooped him up and took him to the nice lady vet - the one who was willing to treat him out in the Animal Hospital parking lot when I got him as a sick puppy from the dog pound.

Tarr as a pitiful sick puppy at the dog pound. Approximately 70 percent of the dogs there are euthanized.

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