Thursday, October 26, 2006

We've got wood!

Unlike every single other provider of building services*, the lumber guy came through. He has it cut and stacked and is ready to deliver! So on the opening day of gun deer season, I plan to be in the woods at TinyCabin©, murdering any deer** who happen by and, with any luck, cutting and nailing big ol' planks of wood onto the exterior of the cabin. I am scheming how I might convince some young men that helping out is a very good thing. Usually, this means money. And the possibility of making big booms with guns. And burning stuff.

So thanks, Mom and Dad, some of your contribution to TinyCabin may well find itself passed through to your grandkids pretty quickly!

* Yeah. I'm lookin' at you, well digger guy.
**I am still mad at deer for the entire planting of blight-resistant chestnut trees they ate to the ground in 1991. This is a longterm grudge thing. On the other hand, since it is looking more and more likely that elk season will be opened up on my own land and I could lease my property for $$$, I am ok with elk.

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Greg said...

That's a very cool cabin. Great style.