Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Talking to myself

I got over to Tiny Cabin Saturday and spent the afternoon, night and next morning there. I made a list of comments to myself:

Q. What is your timeline?
A. I'd like to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Tiny Cabin.

Q. Does the tub need extra inches for a wooden frame?
A. Yes. I may have to redraw your plans or let the tub stick out into the cooking area - largely because of the shape of the tub.

Q. How wide is the wash sink that you bought on ebay?
A. I'll go measure it. Wait for it. ok. 17 inches.

Q. Did you get stung by the face by a wasp in the outhouse?
A. Yes. That is why I have a potato hanging from my cheek.

Q. Make the partition wall strong enough to support cabinets.
A. Well, Ok. That is not a question. The partition needs to only be as high as the top of the cabinets - to keep that open feeling.

Q. Should you elevate the tub?
A. Yes!. So I can look out the windows. I can build steps.

Q. How wide is the area inside the cooking area?
A. 7.5 feet

Q. What's that sound?
A. A screech owl, a barred owl. a whippoorwill, a coyote. The elk will be bugling soon and the geese will be overhead. It is loud at night in nature.

Q. How high are the wide sills of the windows?
A. About 36 inches. more or less.

Q. Should you use a leftover kitchen cabinet?
A. If it doesn't look too funny.

Q. When will you order kitchen cabinets and appliances?
A. After most everything else is in. I am not that spatially adept.

Q. Work on stained glass.
A. Quit nagging.

Q. How about fans?
A. Maybe one ceiling fan and one standard fan. It was hot in the evening - but I was cold as dawn approached.

Q. Will attic steps work to get up to the loft?
A. No. There's no place to put them. I don't want to use a ship's ladder because I might fall off and hurt myself. So this is still undecided.

Q. How are you going to deal with the brightness of the boards that were accidently sealed before they turned a lovely gray?
A. I found some deck seal remover at Lowes. I'll squirt soma that on.

Q. What else do you need to do?
A. Call the Huntsville water system guy. Arrange to meet him.
A. Call Jack the lumber maker and give him my schedule. ha.
A. Frame and Install windows. Maybe weston or Henry can help.
A. Borrow Dave's pickup truck and haul some insulation and 2x4s up (to frame upper windows).

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