Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spatial Education

I made these window frames all myownself. Some boards I had to cut three times to get them right. But they are is solid and straight and mostly at right angles. It was a challenge because I was using used 2x4s that had warped and twisted. I am so awed by carpenters.

Note to self: Get a mitten idiot for my pencil.
Welcome new gizmo...the Hitachi mitre saw! I went to Lowes to buy a cheap circular saw and they sold me this for less than half price because it was a display model. I have cut butter that was more difficult than cutting wood with this thing. Amazing.

But its not all work. Following posts are about a short romp we took over to the cave and spring. We had been hearing the water all morning so off we went.
Also heard: Barred owls, Black & white warblers, indigo buntings, red-eyed vireo, bells vireo, pileated woodpecker, prairie warblers, phoebes, white-eyed vireos and lots of unidentified birds.


Nelle said...

Tarr has good hearing! Maybe it is because he is not running that damn chainsaw.

Edina said...

It looks good so far, hon.
Good job!

I like your ambition.